T: An MBTA Musical

The Rockwell

“T” is the journey of three struggling Bostonians whose lives

$22.5 – $29


The Rockwell

COMEDYXMUSIC is the perfect mix of the two best mediums

$20 – $25

The Black Feathers

The Rockwell

The ability to write songs that are both modern and

$22 – $25

Ballpit Comedy

The Rockwell

FODball Productions Presents: Ballpit Comedy at The Rockwell! Join us



The Rockwell

Don't miss caroline, an eight piece London based post-rock band,

$15 – $17

The Dessert First Tour

The Rockwell

S. Raekwon with Annie Blackman and Alex Dupree presented by

$13 – $15

The Kerfuffle!

The Rockwell

Union Comedy is back with The Kerfuffle! Come check out

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