Stand-up comedy featuring comedians in casual conversation and diverse perspectives to leave you feeling better than when you arrived!

From the producers of Ballpit Comedy, Cloud Nine is a show where comedians will riff on fun, lighthearted conversation-provoking questions in between sets that feature their unique take on their life and experiences– all without needing “input” (re: “interactivity”) from you, the audience.

December show line-up TBA!

Can you give me some more details?

It’s not disputable to say that the last few years have been… hard for many people. We don’t think there’s a lot out there that’s trying to actually address that, and so we wanted to put on a live comedy show featuring laughter and connection onstage (without necessarily needing a lot of input from you, the audience) in a bid to help everyone reconnect with themselves.

How is this show different?

We’re committed to a vibe that will allow people to relax. As a general rule of thumb, we discourage comedic material that is:

  • “Hurtful”: comedy that unfairly targets someone or a specific group of people. This kills the vibe.
  • “Pointlessly edgy”: Comedy that is more about shock value than laughs. This also kills the vibe.
  • “Excessively political”: We love this sort of humor! and also wish to provide a space where we don’t have be “aware” of everything wrong in America/The World/Florida for 100 fucking minutes. This kills the vibe.
  • “Trauma-dumpy”: We think that discussion of trauma is Important and Necessary (we’re big Hannah Gadsby fans here!), and also there’s already a glut of this sort of content available at our fingertips. Our aim is to laugh, not relive our worst experiences.

As a note, since we don’t believe in censoring our comedians explicitly, there’s a small chance that some of this humor will make it into the show. Since we’re shooting for a “comedy PG-13”, we think this is fine, and will do what we can to set the show back on track in the very unlikely event it goes the way of the Orange Line (off the rails, slightly on fire).

What do you mean by no “input/interactivity” from the audience?

We actively discourage a lot of crowd “engagement” in this performance. We want you to relax and enjoy, not feel pressured to do anything wild, and even go so far as to not book comedians whose entire sets, ah, ask for high levels of “interactivity” (see also: crowdwork comics), as that can create an uncomfortable show experience for some. If high levels of interactivity from the comics is something you enjoy about comedy, Cloud Nine is not the show for you.

Is this show “clean”?

No. We’re shooting for a “comedy PG-13”, as in our comedians will happily drop F-bombs, discuss some adult themes, and may have the occasional “blue” (i.e. sex-related) joke. We mostly discourage material that creates unnecessary levels of discomfort for you, the audience, without killing the fun of comedy.

Anything else to know?

Yeah! At the beginning we’ll be making a small ask to turn off your cellphones for this performance, as they can be disruptive to the performers and also yourselves. This is completely optional and we will leave it up to you if you’re up for that this evening. Other than that, please come and be prepared to relax, laugh and enjoy yourself, and be swept away by Cloud Nine!

Doors at 6:30pm
Show at 7:00pm
Ticketing: General Admission | $15 | 21+ PROPER ID REQUIRED
Accessibility: The Rockwell is wheelchair accessible.